Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Medium in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts.



Ring Size E


Woolliness, white hairs in coloured part of coat, white patches, barred feet in all Agouti Satins. The ideal weight of any u/5 month Satin is under 2.72kg (6lb). Ideal weight of an adult Satin is between 2.72-3.62kg (6-8lb) any deviation of these ideal weights shall be deemed a fault (not a disqualification) and to be judged accordingly.



Fly back coat.

Weight Ideal
Adult 2.72-3.62kg
  • Type- To have moderate length of body inclined to cobbiness, slightly arched back, broad head of medium size carried on a short neck. Ears to be of medium length, carried evenly and in proportion to the head, rather broad and well furred. Legs to be straight and strong in bone.
  • Coat- To have an exquisite Satin-like texture and sheen. Length to be 2.54-3.175cm (1 – 1 1/4inch), but sheen, texture and density to be more important than length.
  • Movement- Coat to roll back when stroked in a reverse direction.
  • Colour and Pattern - In all self colours to be carried as far down hair shaft as possible.


Accepted Colours:

Refer to general colour descriptions with the exception of Broken.


Satin Californian Points

  • Ears 5
  • Nose 5
  • Front Feet 5
  • Hind Feet 10
  • Tail 5

Total for Colour 30


  • Ears- Black to the root
  • 2. Nose- Black, even and well up between eyes
  • 3. Front feet- Black, markings well up
  • 4. Hind feet- Black, markings well up on hocks
  • 5. Tail - Neat, black Eye colour red


Blue Himalayan - Points as above.