NZ White


Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Large in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts and meat. Sentinal rabbit for labratories.


NZ White

Ring Size H


Too long, lacking uniformity. Showing woolly factored, especially on stomach and crotch. Stains. Guard hairs over 6mm. Long, narrow head. Poor ear carriage. Mandolin type.


Serious Faults

Fur short, stubby and too soft. Thin, shallow fur . Long narrow body or extremely short coupled body. Dewlap in bucks.

Weight Ideal
Adult buck 4.08-4.989kg
Adult doe 4.53-5.44kg
  • Type and Weight - The ideal type should create an impression of balance and uniformity. Body to be medium length with good depth throughout.

Top body line - Should rise in a gradual convex curve from base of ears to centre of hips and then fall in a smooth curve downward to base of tail. Viewed from above, sides should taper slightly from hindquarters towards the shoulders. Side appearance should be of good depth to conform with the width of body. Belly firm and free from potty appearance.

Hindquarters - Broad and smooth, depth should equal width consistent with a well rounded top, well filled with firm flesh especially on lower sides of hips and down as far as possible.

Midsection - Back to be broad and smooth to balance with hindquarters with good width of loin with as much flesh as possible on both sides of spine.

Shoulders - Well developed but slightly narrower than saddle and hips. Rib spread wide enough to provide the smooth gradual taper from hindquarters to shoulder without the weakness often found just in front of the hips.

Head - Size to balance and conform with body. Head full with well filled face and jaws. Bucks more massive than does. Slight curvature between eyes and nose. Head set closely on shoulders with as short a neck as possible. Medium dewlap allowed in does.

Eyes - Bright and expressive with good depth of colour.

Feet and Legs - Bone to be straight. Medium heavy, medium length. Hind feet and legs to be full, firm and stout.

Toenails - Flesh coloured or white.

  • Fur - Very dense and thick to the touch with enough resistance to almost resume its normal position. Not too fine and silky, harsh or wiry. Under fur to be soft, fine and dense interspersed thickly with decidedly heavier guard hairs which are visible down to skin. Balance and uniformity in length of fur with difference in length between tip of guard hair and the under fur not to exceed the maximum of 6mm. Coat to be in prime condition set tight in skin without breaks due to moult, broken spots or guard hair mats or stains. Coat bright and clear avoiding cream or yellowing. Guard hair glossy. Ideal length 25mm.
  • Colour
  • Condition - Flesh to be firm and solid over entire body being free from any fatness or loose flabby condition.


For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin.